IAB extends nomination period

by Chris Grundemann on 10 July, 2009

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has extended the current nomination period in hopes of finding more candidates / for the RFC Series Editor (RSE) and Independent Submissions Editor (ISE) positions.  Please notify (and ask to step forward) any who may be qualified and interested in either of these esteemed posts.

The modified timeline is now as follows:

8 Jun  - IAB calls for nominations for ISE/RSE position
8 Aug  - Nominations close (was 8 July)
13 Aug – Nominees announced; community input solicited
(was 13 July)
23 Aug – Communty input ends (was 23 July)
26 Aug – 14 Sep appointed Advisory Committee conducts interviews
(was 26 Jul – 14 Aug)
18 Sep – Advisory Committee recommends individuals to IAB for
/ position (was 18 Aug)
7 Oct – IAB appoints ISE/RSE (was 15 Sep)
1 Nov – Agreement Executed with IAD for compensation and/or
expenses (was 15 Oct)
1 Nov – Transition begins (was 15 Oct)
1 Jan – Appointments take effect


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