Speakers Include Industry Leaders from Duke Energy, Freescale, IBM and Nivis

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Sept. 1, 2010 – The IPSO Alliance, the organization defining the “Internet of Things,” today announced a free webinar addressing the value Internet Protocol (IP) is bringing to the next-generation of “smart objects.” The 90-minute live session, scheduled for September 14 at 7:30 a.m. PDT, includes speakers from IPSO members Duke Energy, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM and Nivis.

Using IP for smart objects is the next revolution in connectivity, enabling new functionality—and intelligence—to industries such as energy conservation, health care, industrial productivity and consumer electronics. In addition to learning the value of IP and how it is being implemented today and in the future, webinar attendees will learn about the significance of the IPSO Alliance, the primary advocate for IP networked devices with more than 50 members from leading technology, communications and energy companies. “Intelligent, connected devices such as cars, appliances and even power grids and roadways are becoming a reality, thanks in large part to the innovative companies that are part of the IPSO Alliance,’” said IPSO president Patrick Wetterwald, product manager at Cisco Systems who will moderate the webinar’s Q&A session.  “This webinar is an ideal venue for other forward thinkers to learn about the status of this ‘Internet of Things’ and how they can help accelerate the adoption of smarter systems in every part of the world.”

Webinar speakers include:
·       Geoff Mulligan, IPSO’s chairman
·       Gary Stuebing, strategic planning manager, Duke Energy
·       Mike Dow, business development for Microcontroller Solutions Group, Freescale Semiconductor
·       Jim Fletcher, distinguished engineer, IBM Tivoli Smarter Solutions Architecture
·       JP Vasseur, Cisco distinguished engineer, IPSO’s technical advisory board chair
·       Robert Assimiti, executive staff engineer, Nivis

Attendees can ask questions at the end of the presentations.

To register for the live webinar, “The Value of IP,”
please visit www.ipso-alliance.org.

NOTE: The webinar will also be recorded and posted to the IPSO website for future reference.

About IPSO AllianceThe IPSO Alliance is the primary advocate for IP networked devices for use in energy, consumer, healthcare and industrial applications.  The IPSO Alliance is a non-profit association of more than 50 members from leading technology, communications and energy companies. The Alliance’s mission is to enable the foundation for a network that will allow any sensor-enabled physical object to communicate to another, just as individuals do over the Internet. Membership is open to any organization supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects. For more information, visit www.ipso-alliance.org.

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