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Update from the Nominating Committee

In keeping with our commitment to transparency with regard to the Nominating Committee process, as we prepare to head to Singapore for our selection meeting we want to update the ICANN community as to where we are.

We closed the application process on 4 April 2011 and received 88 Statements of Interest. 14 candidates from Europe, 24 from Asia/Pacific, 15 from Latin America, 16 from North America, and 19 from Africa. 23 candidates are female, 65 are male. This is a record number of female candidates, and shows that our focus on female candidate recruitment this year was successful.

Candidates have expressed primary interest in serving as follows: 41 on the ICANN Board, 13 on the GNSO Council, 11 on the ccNSO Council, and 23 on the ALAC. Many candidates have asked to be considered for more than one position.

Since the deadline the NomCom has undertaken the following activities:

  • Reference checking
  • Candidate "deep diving" (finding more information about the person)
  • Candidate preliminary interviews
  • Preliminary evaluation of candidates

We have been holding regular teleconferences, with the frequency increasing as we get closer to our final deadline for candidate selection.

So far, we’ve thoroughly examined the candidates for the Board positions, and are well into our analysis of the candidates for the ALAC, GNSO and ccNSO.

After the final selection by the NomCom in late June 2011, the selected candidates will be subject to a due diligence process that will be undertaken by an external firm.

The process is documented in the timeline below:

Nomcom Timeline

We remain committed to the utmost confidentiality with regard to the candidates who have submitted themselves for service to ICANN, and according to the ATRT recommendations, we are striving for the utmost transparency with regard to process. It is a difficult balancing act, but we are doing the best that we can.

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