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Scott Sneddon speaking at TFI2014

Scott SneddonWe’re proud to announce yet another long-time industry expert who will be speaking at TFI2014: Scott Sneddon

Scott Sneddon is a Principle Solutions Architect and leads Business Development in APAC for Nuage Networks, where he spends most of his time evangelizing the benefits of Network Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. Previous experience includes Chief Solutions Architect at Vyatta Inc, an innovator in Network Virtualization; Consulting Engineering positions at Juniper Networks where he contributed to Cloud designs at IBM, AT&T, France Telecom, and Telstra; Consulting Engineering positions at Alcatel-Lucent where he contributed to MPLS network designs at AT&T (uVerse), Telus, and Verizon; and as Director of Architecture at Exodus Communications where he led the global network architecture team. His background is in architecting carrier scale Cloud environments and service provider MPLS networks. He was talking about network virtualization before network virtualization was cool.

Scott shared some thoughts on SDN to help get our brains in gear for the event this Friday:

“I’ve been involved in SDN and networking for Cloud environments since 2008. What has always excited me about this technology space is the opportunity to provide networking as an easily consumable service in lock step with the Cloud platforms through automation and programmability. We’re seeing an emerging trend in a “Policy Approach to Software Defined Networking”, in which network services are defined in policy templates that are easily consumed by DevOps teams in an automated fashion. In my talk I’ll discuss this trend, some new concepts in defining network topologies, and some of the activities driving this trend within OpenStack and OpenDaylight.”

Come discuss this and more with Scott and a laundry list of other industry veterans at The Future of the Internet 2014: Defining Software Defined Networksregister now to lock in your spot!

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