The Internet Society is focused on the intersection of Technology, Policy and Education. As ISOCers, we stand where those three circles overlap and are part of the sole global organization to do so.

ISOC Venn Diagram

CO ISOC is the local epicenter of this focus.

Our purpose is to bring together local Internet experts, enthusiasts and amateurs in order to increase our individual effectiveness. Collectively we can support each other, our region and the Internet community at large by bringing our joint knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for technology, policy and education together to advance all three.

The Internet Society, Colorado Chapter also serves as an environment for social and professional networking in order to build a more cohesive culture for Internet professionals and amateurs in this region.

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2017 Chapter Officers:

  • Chair: Mike Schoenecker
  • Executive VP: Jeff Doyle
  • Secretary: Ogi Mitev
  • Administrative VP: Karen Mulberry
  • Chair Emeritus: Chris Grundemann
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