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Ten Million DNS Resolvers on the Internet

Resolvers are servers on the Internet which use the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol [TXT, 120 KB] to retrieve information from authoritative servers and return answers to end-user applications. They’re often found in enterprise and ISP networks, and there are a number of public resolver services provided by people like Google and OpenDNS. It’s also […]

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L-Root in your Pocket

OK, so not quite in your pocket. But near your pocket. ICANN operates L-Root, one of the 13 Domain Name System root servers which together make up the infrastructure known as the Root Server System. The Root Servers serve the root zone of the DNS, maintained by ICANN staff in the IANA department. The Root […]

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Technical Management Function for IN-ADDR.ARPA

In December we spoke of the planned changes to the IPv4 Reverse DNS Infrastructure where the zone maintenance of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone would transition to ICANN and be managed concurrently with the central assignment of address space to the RIRs. ICANN would like to announce that the transition of the technical management function for the […]

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Planned Changes to IPv4 Reverse DNS Infrastructure

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and ICANN are together planning changes to the infrastructure which supports the IPv4 Reverse DNS — that is, the part of the DNS which provides the ability to look up an IPv4 address and convert it to a name. The IPv4 Reverse DNS uses the special domain IN-ADDR.ARPA. […]

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