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ICANN Stands Ready for New gTLD Launch

On Tuesday 3 January 2012, our executive team met with Michael Salazar, New gTLD Program Director, to review ICANN’s readiness to open the application window for the new generic top-level domain program on Thursday, 12 January, as planned. We carefully reviewed every critical aspect. Each executive was called on to indicate whether his or her group is […]

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New gTLD Roadshows

I have spent a lot of time on the road recently. My visits to 16 countries in three months were just one part of ICANN’s busy and successful international roadshows to raise awareness of new generic top-level domains. Since the roadshows began in September as part of the broader new gTLD awareness-raising effort, ten members […]

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How is ICANN progressing on the recommendations that the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) published on the last day of 2010? Let me list the many ways that the Board, the staff, and our volunteer community are addressing the challenge to meet or surpass ICANN’s obligations. As we prepare to gather in Singapore for […]

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October 2012 ICANN Meeting to be Held in Toronto, Canada

ICANN is pleased to announce that the 14-19 October 2012 ICANN Public Meeting will be held in Toronto, Canada. We would like to express our warm thanks to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which has graciously agreed to act as our host, and has extended the support of their team. The Meeting will be […]

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Building on Accountability & Transparency at ICANN

In order for ICANN’s international, bottom-up, multi-stakeholder model to operate effectively, frameworks and mechanisms for accountability and transparency were built into ICANN and have been improved upon over time. The Board of Directors, community and staff have an impressive record of accountability and transparency. Equally impressive is our shared commitment to build on these achievements […]

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Status Report on the DNS in Egypt

Along with the entire global Internet community, ICANN is watching the events unfolding in Egypt with great concern for the safety of the people of Egypt and for their ability to use the Internet. On January 27, most Internet connectivity to Egypt was shut down, apparently on the instruction of the national government. This has […]

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Share Your Views on Improving ICANN Accountability and Transparency

While the ICANN community was ringing in a new year on 31 December, the community review team charged with evaluating ICANN’s accountability and transparency was filing their final report. I wanted to make sure ICANN’s stakeholders and participants were aware that the Accountability & Transparency Review Team (ATRT) submitted their report to the Board and […]

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There have been many questions in recent days stemming from actions by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in shutting down dozens of web sites. As we have said many times, ICANN was not a party to those actions by ICE, nor was it a target of them. ICANN does not take down […]

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US Government Opposes Launch of New gTLD Program in Cartagena

We appreciate the many comments received so far on the draft Applicant Guidebook in its five full versions. We thank the community and all who contributed for their engagement, thoughts and opinions during the course of this process. One of the most recent comments we have received is a letter today from the US Department […]

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Black Hat / Def Con ??????? ?????? ???????? ??? ??????

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