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Computer and Sanskrit

The following quote is from an article Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence, which appeared in AI (Artificial Intelligence) magazine in spring of 1985, written by NASA researcher Rick Briggs: In the past twenty years, much time, effort, and money has been expended on designing an unambiguous representation of natural languages to make them accessible to computer Read more…

IPv6 Routing Deep Dive

The 2011 Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit was held in Denver earlier this week (25-27 April) at the Grand Hyatt. It was a great event, as we have come to expect from the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force. I was especially pleased that they stepped the presentation content up a notch with regard to technical depth […]

IPv6 Routing Deep Dive is a post from don't panic – One Network Arhitect's View of Life, the Internet, and Everything.

Chapter Update: New York

Contributed by Joly MacFie
Harlem Internet Computer Access Program
The first class in Harlem Internet Computer Access Program celebrated their graduation on Jun 24 2010. As can be seen on there were sumptuous vittles on hand. Eager learners are already signing up for the next class, starting in September. Congratulations to Co-ordinator Merle Bush, and all […]

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28 June 2010 – The 2011 Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
(NDSS’11) has issued a Call for Papers. Submissions are solicited on a wide
range of network and distributed system security topics.
NDSS, sponsored annually by the Internet Society, presents peer-reviewed
research in such areas as distributed systems and networks, web security and
privacy, intrusion detection and attack analysis, […]

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New Sierra Leone Internet Exchange Point Established to Promote Internet Development

25 June launch builds on sustained Internet Society efforts to expand and improve Internet access in Africa
In a significant development for the Internet and Internet users in Sierra Leone, leaders from business, government, and the national Internet community gathered in Freetown last week to launch a new Internet exchange point (IXP). The new facility, known […]

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Internet Society Embraces Domain Name Security Technology is the first .ORG domain to put into production domain name “tamper proof packaging”
BRUSSELS, Belgium – 23 June 2010 – The Internet Society today announced that it has deployed DNSSEC, a set of extensions to the domain name system that provides a level of assurance, for its domain. The announcement builds on today’s […]

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Internet Society Announces New Board of Trustees

Leaders from academia, industry, and Internet community to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy
RESTON, VA, USA and GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 21 June 2010 – The Internet Society today announced its new Board of Trustees, comprised of leaders from industry, academia, and the global Internet community. The diverse and distinguished board membership reflects […]

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Contributed by Alain Didier Kla
Le chapitre de la Côte d’Ivoire souhaite vous informer de la tenue d’un forum national sur la gouvernance de l’Internet en Côte d’Ivoire du 07 au 09 juillet. Ce forum est organisé par IGICI, l’Initiative pour la Gouvernance de l’internet en Côte d’Ivoire, dont ISOC Côte d’Ivoire chapitre est membre. Ce […]

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Chapter update: Australia

Contributed by Holly Raiche
The National Broadband Network is still a focal point for ISOC Australia Chapter activities. We received an ISOC Community Grant to look at what the Government is proposing from an Internet user perspective. And we have project money from the peak telecommunications consumer body ACCAN to develop a Consumer Handbook on […]

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Chapter update: Kolkata

Contributed by Anupam Agrawal
The ISOC India Kolkata Chapter organized an event titled “IPv6 – Current State and Way Forward” on Friday, 4 June 2010, in Kolkata at the DPSC Auditorium. The event opened up with the speech of Anupam Agrawal, Chair, Internet Society Kolkata Chapter. The inaugural session saw Mr. Rajnesh Singh, Regional Bureau Manager, […]

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