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Mission and Agenda

Our Mission

CO ISOC seeks to harness the great resources of this region in order to perpetuate the open evolution of the Internet for the advancement of human knowledge and communication, here in Colorado and around the world.

Our Strategic Agenda

CO ISOC members pool our resources to contribute in the following ways:


Pool of Experts – Being a group rich in experience and expertise surrounding the Internet, we will be THE local resource for Internet information. When the media, policy makers, schools and all other local organizations need statements, advice or speakers; we will be there to fill that need.
Educating Ourselves – When groups like ours meet, we learn from each other. More formally, as a chapter of the Internet Society, we have resources at our disposal that would likely not be available to us otherwise. From getting together and discussing our current challenges and opportunities to disseminating global Internet related news to scheduling speakers on topics you care about, this chapter will be an invaluable resource to it’s members.


Technical Internet Governance – We can bring a technical, operational and fresh perspective to policy development and Internet governance. This includes ARIN, ICANN, Local legislation and anywhere else that laws and policies that effect the Internet are crafted. While many of us probably don’t have enough time to be active in even one of these forums, let alone all of them, as a chapter we can pool our resources and use our collective voice to influence important decisions.


Developing Access – Whether it’s gathering and distributing commodity hardware, providing instructional information, setting up proxies, VPNs and other services, or finding other ways to help; we should constantly seek out opportunities to help spread open Internet access through our region, our country and our world.

In all of these areas, we should continually work to find ways to make our local efforts reproducible for other chapters throughout North America and around the world.

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