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9 Super-Easy Ways to Help CO ISOC, Today!

Yes sir, this is the super-easy list of super-easy things you can (and should) do to help the Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society. In fact, they are so easy you can probably do (at least start) all of them today!

Super Easy Way to Help CO ISOC #7

Tell Your Friends! We know what you’re thinking: “Man, this one is E–Z!” All we can say is: “yep, but we are going to spell it out anyway!” Here are your super-easy steps: Make Friends Tell them about CO ISOC Wow – we are stretching a bit here, huh? Well, not really. This is truly Read more…

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Super Easy Way to Help CO ISOC #4

Facebook! OK – Facebook is not our ideal Internet organization, nor our favorite. They are not open, they are not transparent, and they, well, this isn’t about them is it? For today’s purposes they are simply chalk full of other folks that we want to talk to! So while we leave participation in the book Read more…

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CO ISOC Now On Meetup

We now have a CO ISOC Meetup group! Please feel free to join: I have initially set up a monthly brainstorming breakfast that will rotate between Downtown Denver the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and a soon to be added third, floating location. Once you join the group, go ahead and RSVP for the breakfast Read more…