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Russian IDN ccTLD .?? Opens for Registrations, Makes History

November 11, 2010, marked the day when the new IDN ccTLD .?? (Cyrillic for ?????????? ?????????, Russian Federation) was opened for general registration. Prior to that date the registration was open only for trademark owners and governmental institutions. Before the registration started, in an interview for the ??????????? (Commersant) daily, Andrey Kolesnikov, CEO of the […]

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Is ICANN Handling Too Many Policy Issues?

Earlier this month, published an article about ICANN’s policy development process. The author, Andrew Allemann, strives for balance but overall leaves the impression that ICANN has “policy overload,” handling too many policy efforts at once. Andrew also cites the technical and complex topics we ask the public to comment upon. Since I was quoted […]

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