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Computer and Sanskrit

The following quote is from an article Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence, which appeared in AI (Artificial Intelligence) magazine in spring of 1985, written by NASA researcher Rick Briggs: In the past twenty years, much time, effort, and money has been expended on designing an unambiguous representation of natural languages to make them accessible to computer Read more…

More Number Scarcity

Last year ICANN allocated the last five IPv4 blocks to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Since then we have seen a concerted effort on the part of network and content providers to make sure they support IPv6, so they’ll be ready for the next few billion Internet users. But there’s another Internet number resource which […]

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Meet LACTLD: Coordinating Internet Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

(Oscar Robles, LACTLD Chair) Last week at my first ICANN meeting as regional Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, I was proud that all my ICANN colleagues converged on Costa Rica and were able to see for themselves why I love the Latin American and Caribbean region. Besides the friendly people, great food, […]

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Ten Million DNS Resolvers on the Internet

Resolvers are servers on the Internet which use the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol [TXT, 120 KB] to retrieve information from authoritative servers and return answers to end-user applications. They’re often found in enterprise and ISP networks, and there are a number of public resolver services provided by people like Google and OpenDNS. It’s also […]

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ICANN and LACNIC Agree to Enhance DNS Reliability in Latin America, Caribbean

As Latin American Internet users look on, Raul Echeberria (left), Executive Director of LACNIC, and Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO of ICANN, sign mutual agreements at ICANN 43 in Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica – At the ICANN 43 meeting ongoing this week, the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) and the […]

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ICANN Hosts Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative Workshop

Offers to Assist in Securing DNS 14 March — ICANN welcomed members of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI) Steering Group to Costa Rica as part of its efforts to improve the security, stability and resiliency of the global Domain Name System (DNS). The meeting offered Steering Group members the opportunity to explain the purpose of […]

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L-Root in your Pocket

OK, so not quite in your pocket. But near your pocket. ICANN operates L-Root, one of the 13 Domain Name System root servers which together make up the infrastructure known as the Root Server System. The Root Servers serve the root zone of the DNS, maintained by ICANN staff in the IANA department. The Root […]

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Thought Paper on Domain Seizures and Takedowns

Recent legal actions (Rustock, Coreflood and Kelihos, among others) resulting in disrupting or dismantling major criminal networks have involved seizures of domain names, DNS name server reconfiguration and transfers of domain name registrations as part of the takedown actions. This thought paper [PDF, 449 KB] offers guidance for anyone who prepares an order that seeks […]

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Measuring Worldwide Growth in IPv6 Deployments

This is a guest post by Mirjam Kühne, Labs Community Builder at the RIPE NCC. RIPE Labs is a platform designed by the RIPE NCC for network operators, industry experts and the RIPE NCC to expose, test and discuss innovative Internet-related tools, ideas and analysis. In early 2011, the RIPE NCC shared some graphs that […]

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Threats Against DNS Root Servers

We have been receiving questions from various parties concerning the recent threat against the Internet’s root servers that is purported to have originated with the group Anonymous. We are aware of the threat and we take all threats against the DNS infrastructure seriously. We are tracking the threat and collaborating with others in the industry […]

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