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As a member of the ARIN Advisory Council (AC), I have to stay up to date on all of the goings on in the world of ARIN policy development (that’s kind of the point of the AC). These policy changes affect many people but are fairly hard to keep track of for most (most engineers […]

ARIN Update – 10-JAN-2012 is a post from don't panic – One Network Architect's View of Life, the Internet, and Everything.

ARIN XXVII Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the ARIN XXVII Public Policy and Members Meeting, 10-13 April 2011 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For information about the meeting, visit: ARIN holds open, biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings where attendees gather to discuss draft Internet number resource policies, network with colleagues, and attend workshops and tutorials. Read more…