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The Shadow of the Web

I believe in the Internet As an ideal. As a web of human minds. As a wonder of the world, not built through totalitarian control but rather through fierce coopetition. As a technological pillar held up by a newer, better, governance structure. As the facilitator of knowledge sharing and communication on a level so advanced […]

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Internet Access Disaster Preparedness

In light of recent events in the Middle-east and Africa, we need to evaluate what our local community could do in response to a disruption of our access to the Internet. This disruption could be due to a natural disaster, a foreign or domestic attack of some sort, or perhaps even government intervention. We need to ask both ‘what will work’ and ‘how do we do it’.

Privacy Tips from EpicFu

My friend and fellow ISOC chapter delegate Franck Martin brought this video to my attention this morning. It is a quick concise and informative but fun look at some simple steps you can take to ensure your privacy online: It is of particular interest to me (and hopefully to you) because this is exactly the Read more…

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CO ISOC Wiki Launched!

The Wiki That’s right, we now have a CO ISOC Wiki to collaborate on! It is based on the MediaWiki software which also powers the Wikipedia.  I did some very minor tweaks to the default layout to make it our own, let me know what you think! The First Project More importantly though is why Read more…

Chapter update: New York

Contributed by Joly MacFie
The Internet Society New York Chapter would like to send out best wishes to all who are celebrating the start of the Year of the Tiger, supposedly a time of “great change”.
Eben Moglen’s speech “Freedom in The Cloud”
The webcast of Eben Moglen’s speech “Freedom in The Cloud” is proving to be one […]

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