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Your Input Needed: Operators and the IETF

Back in January we launched a new project, Operators and the IETF, which aims to increase the amount of operator input into the IETF process. To keep from putting any carts in front of our horses, the first phase of this project is focused on gathering information and defining the problem statements. Once we have […]

Your Input Needed: Operators and the IETF is a post from don't panic – One Network Technologist's View of Life, the Internet, and Everything.

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Internet Access Disaster Preparedness

In light of recent events in the Middle-east and Africa, we need to evaluate what our local community could do in response to a disruption of our access to the Internet. This disruption could be due to a natural disaster, a foreign or domestic attack of some sort, or perhaps even government intervention. We need to ask both ‘what will work’ and ‘how do we do it’.