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9 Super-Easy Ways to Help CO ISOC, Today!

Yes sir, this is the super-easy list of super-easy things you can (and should) do to help the Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society. In fact, they are so easy you can probably do (at least start) all of them today!

Super Easy Way to Help CO ISOC #5

Comment! Let’s take it to the next level here! This website is the epicenter of CO ISOC’s online presence – all roads eventually lead here for CO ISOC news, events, happenings, ideas, projects, etc. So… Jump right in using these super-easy steps: Read the articles on our website (you are subscribed, aren’t you?). Comment – Read more…

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Super Easy Way to Help CO ISOC #3

Subscribe! This one is super-easy, even by our standards. Take a look: Subscribe to CO ISOC’s site feed. Told you! You can subscribe in your favorite reader or via email – so this one is for everyone! Just like the Internet.

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