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Rough Guide To IETF 90: IPv6 Is Everywhere, eh?

With IPv6 passing 4% of Google’s traffic and new networks all over the world steadily deploying IPv6 you may think that IPv6 protocol development work at the IETF is done with. Quite the opposite is true in fact. As IPv6 becomes the de facto Internet Protocol, it has also become a topic that must be […]

Rough Guide To IETF 90: IPv6 Is Everywhere, eh? is a post from don't panic – One Network Technologist's View of Life, the Internet, and Everything.

Call for Hosting Providers to Present at ARIN XXV

Call for Presenters ARIN XXV, Hosting Providers & ARIN 18 April 2010 Toronto, Canada Deadline: 19 March 2010 The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is pleased to announce its call for presenters at the ARIN XXV hosting providers session, 18 April 2010, in Toronto, Canada. ARIN is seeking hosting providers ready to share case Read more…