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200th ISOCer joins our ranks!

I am extremely excited to announce that CO ISOC has crossed another membership milestone recently and now has over 200 members! While having 200 members is exciting in it’s own right, I am even more enthused because of how fast we are moving. CO ISOC was founded in January of 2008 by two friends and Read more…

ARIN NomCom Call for Volunteers

For the first time ever, ARIN’s 2010 election will have a Nomination Committee (NomCom). Apparently this is one of several changes we will see in this year’s election cycle: Based on ARIN community input collected during the last election cycle, the ARIN Board of Trustees reviewed the election process and is working to put improvements Read more…

Leadership Positions Now Available at ICANN

There are several key openings at ICANN this year and we highly encourage you to apply yourself or recommend someone who you feel will serve the Internet community well. Whatever your thoughts on ICANN, they are a very important organization within the Internet ecosystem and proper guidance is crucial. The best way to ensure that Read more…

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IAB extends nomination period

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has extended the current nomination period in hopes of finding more candidates / volunteers for the RFC Series Editor (RSE) and Independent Submissions Editor (ISE) positions.